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Tree Pruning

Removing dead wood, canopy reduction and canopy raising are common pruning practices. Do not top your trees.


Tree Risk Assessment & Tree Preservation

Give trees a chance. Just because it has a cavity, does not necessarily mean it needs to be removed. There are oftentimes other options like weight reduction pruning and cable installation. Alex is certified in Tree Risk Assessment.

Tree Removal

No tree is too big. Sometimes we use a crane if need be. Oftentimes we partner with friends at City View Arbor or Arb Tech.


Stump Grinding

It was like the tree was never there when we're done grinding the stump. We call in utility locates to be marked for you.

Storm Cleanup

If your damaged tree is within the city right-of-way (near the street), the city should clean up for free. Call 311. If your tree on your private property, give us a shout.



We are focusing more of our time on milling all of the urban lumber we harvest to give it a second life. Contact us to buy slabs or have a log picked up to be milled.

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